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Apply to our 24-month multi-­site fellowship program for the opportunity to master the skills and obtain the experiences necessary to excel in pharmacogenomics.

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Program Overview

The Admera Health-Allure Specialty Pharmacy Fellowship Program is a multi-site program that includes two longitudinal experiences integrated over 24 months. During the first year, the fellow will start with Admera Health, located in New Jersey, for seven-months and then transition to Allure Specialty Pharmacy, located in New York, for five-months. During the second year, the candidate will have the option to split their longitudinal experience.


Description Overview

The fellow will primarily work with the medical affairs team at Admera Health. Then the fellow will be integrated into the second clinical practice component of the program at Allure Specialty Pharmacy and its affiliated ambulatory care clinics. The goal of this program is to provide advanced training for pharmacists wishing to become leaders in the field of pharmacogenomics.

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Admera Health: Medical Affairs

The fellowship is based at Admera Health’s headquarters in South Plainfield, New Jersey. The fellow will be an integral member of the medical affairs team and gain working knowledge of the role through broad hands-on experience and longitudinal core responsibilities. During the fellowship, the fellow will collaborate and rotate with cross-functional teams including but not limited to strategic marketing, bioinformatics, and product development.

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Allure Specialty Pharmacy: Clinical Pharmacy

The clinical component of the fellowship is based at Allure Specialty Pharmacy and its affiliated ambulatory care clinics across New York where the fellow will act as the chronic care management expert. The fellow will be an integral part of the pharmacy team also serving as an educator for patients and health care providers on the integration of pharmacogenomics in patient care.

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