For Providers

We are a REMs-certified pharmacy and currently dispense SPRAVATO  to several pharmacies across New York State. Our pharmacists will work with you to ensure that the medication is delivered in a safe and timely manner. For more information, please reach out to us:

Allure Specialty Pharmacy

4377 Bronx Blvd

Bronx, NY 10466

T: (866)293-1559

F: (888) 828-6230

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For Patients


  • SPRAVATO is a prescription nasal spray for adults with treatment resistant depression. It is usually paired with your current oral anti-depressant or your doctor may prescribe a new oral antidepressant. 

Who can take SPRAVATOTM?

  • SPRAVATO is usually recommended to patients who do not respond well to two (2) or more oral antidepressants. 

Where can I go for more information?

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Treatment Centers


Nearest Treatment Center to Allure Specialty Pharmacy


All Med Medical Group

4377 Bronx Blvd

Bronx, NY 10466

T: (914) 979-2233

F: (888) 828-5922


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